I'm Andrew Brown 👋


I'm originally from Thunder Bay, Canada. My mother was the Computer Administrator for Bell Canada in the 80s to early 90s but when the local Bell building closed, my mother became an entrepreneur of her own business called P.C. Medic; a computer software repair service. She was also part of PARO Center, a women's entrepreneur group that supports other women-owned businesses.

My father was in radio, and that's where I get my distinct radio quality voice.

My grandfather was a WW2 veteran, who worked at the local Mill and was a recognized community leader, running various community programs raising money to operate local children's sports programs eg (Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Indoor Community pool).

I spent a significant amount of time in my teens performing computer training and repair, and community volunteering, working with Women and First Nations groups.

I went to community college for Multimedia design, and I paid for my college building websites for local businesses.

I self-studied web application development trying to join the startup industry.

I was previously the CTO of multiple startups, with a focus on open-source, EdTech and freemium models.

I now focus on my two businesses:

  • ExamPro; a cloud certification study platform
  • TeacherSeat; the underlying technology that powers my learning platform

My Values

  • Honor your commitments
  • Community is everything
  • Selflessness over selfishness
  • Consistency is trust

miigwetch 🙏